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Jinniu district xiangyun wood shop(Hereinafter referred to as“Xiangyun wooden door”)Was established2008Years9Month3Day,Located in sichuan province jinniu district FuHe bridge five trading marketC-9Number,Is a professional wooden door from the facts、Suit door development、Production、Sales for the integration of modern real wood processing enterprises, “Xiangyun wooden door”Use imported spruce,Black walnut,Teak,Ju wood,Sand Billy,Red cherry,High quality rare wood such as red oak with advanced technology and equipment production of door of completely real wood,European door,Flat door,Glass door,Spelling a flower door,The panel door,Finished product suite door solid wood products paint of complete sets of products,At the same time provide wooden line,Machine carved antique,Classical furniture,Dongyang woodcarving,Antique doors and Windows,Widgets。
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The latest contract
Real wood door big of contemporary and contracted class level shows a crush
01 /21
Real wood door big of contemporary and contracted class level shows a crush
Has been requested to emit some xiangyun the door of the design is good for everyone to show,Xiangyun real wood door designer song song today will bring you some contemporary and contracted style of real wood door,Are all big ng level works well。The door of the contemporary and contracted type is suitable for like contracted and not simple…
  • How to choose appropriate oneself the original wood door decorating
    12 / 12How to choose appropriate oneself the original wood door decorating
    The family is decorated choose good wood door is very critical,In particular, real wood door。Chengdu xiangyun wooden door to stand in the Angle of the wooden door manufacturer to you a few action。A family to decorate wooden door,It will be three levels:A、The stand or fall of quality wood door manufacturing process,Directly affects the service life of the door,In general the use of a wooden door…
  • Chengdu real wood door pick xiangyun wooden door
    12 / 12Chengdu real wood door pick xiangyun wooden door
    Will have to choose the best,We are going to choose to choose the best,Choose to do and durable,The most suitable,Also let a person the most comfort。“The door”The words let us is full of endless imagination,What is the door fantasy world,How do also fantasizing about the world outside,It make people full of good…
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The difference between real wood door and solid wood composite door very much now…...
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